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What we strive for:

Leading Edge Scaffold, Inc. was created with one goal in mind: to ensure Customer Success with Honesty and Integrity.

Customer Service entails providing safety documentation, JSA's, and billing at the customer's requests with a prompt and professional response.


Leading Edge Scaffold takes it a step further. Customer Success is what we strive for, which is why we are proactive in our communication with our customers. At the start of every new job, we create job portals for our customers, upload all job-specific documentation, and update all information as necessary so our customers always have current and accurate information available to them. We understand our customers are busy and their time is valuable. The responsibility to initiate and maintain communication is our job – not our customers. We continue to invest in technology to improve communication with our customers


The success of Leading Edge Scaffold is inherently intertwined with the success of our customers. This is why we have invested so much in enhanced, safer, and more efficient products. When our customers succeed using our product, we succeed.

At our core, we want our customers to be as successful as possible. Ensuring our customers achieve their desired outcome is at the very fabric of everything we do.

Who we are:

At Leading Edge Scaffold, honesty and integrity are our guiding principles.

  1. We keep our word: Our reputation in the Scaffolding industry is solid because we do what we say. We honor our agreements and never put profit in front of our integrity or doing what is right. Our integrity is inherent in every aspect of our organization.                                                            

  2. Take Responsibility: No one wants mistakes, but when they occur, we hold ourselves 100% accountable. We are committed to rectifying all mistakes and learning from them so we can improve and always provide the highest quality service for our customers. Our business relationships are strengthened as a result of our accountability, response, and action after a mistake is made.                                                                                                

  3. Integrity all around us: We surround ourselves with trustworthy people. We stand by our values and expect everyone we do business with - our employees, suppliers, and customers - to adhere to those values.                                                                                     

  4. Protect our customers Brand: We value our customers’ integrity as much as our own. At Leading Edge Scaffold, we work meticulously to protect our customers Brand. 

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